Mid week sports update, more online sports betting on the …

With my online sportsbook betting looking pretty solid yesterday midway through each of the games chosen in a parlay bet at Intertops.com (read the review of Intertops), it looked as though I might be able to slip past Tuesday unscathed for the first time in a month. However to my profound disappointment, My wagers for Tuesday collapsed as Cliff Lee received a rare loss (now 22-3 though, which is very impressive considering his team this year), with Boston putting the hammer down on Cleveland Indians, thus ruining an otherwise solid parlay wager. Everything else seemed to come in place nicely, as the Mets, Yankees and Brewers all clutched up, however it only takes the weakest link, and unfortunately for me, that link happened to be the pitcher with the best record in MLB Baseball. While it is certainly true that anyone betting on sports at our best online sports betting sites will inevitably face some ups and downs, it is almost comical to see how Tuesday keeps biting back at me on every wager, as I’m on a month-long streak of Tuesday sports betting losses! Maybe I should learn something�

However, with Tuesdays shenanigans aside, it’s on to Wednesday, with the week half over and more great baseball games ahead, right? Right. With only the AL Central Division really up for grabs, and the NL Wild Card unknown, big games today include the ongoing series between the White Sox and Minnesota, and with a Twins win could move the division lead to only � game for first place Chicago, who continues to falter. The Mets certainly have a more difficult match-up against the NL Central Champion Cubs, who just clinched the division, and Milwaukee faces the Pittsburgh Pirates, which should give them an advantage in the Wild Card race after today. C.C. Sabathia pitches on short rest for the Brewers, however any which way he gets to the hill, he should be good for a win. The Mets on the other hand�that call I will have to leave up to you, as even though Chicago has clinched, they show no signs of letting up, possibly for fear of losing their stride before the postseason.

It’s going to be a very hectic night of baseball, with many possible outcomes to the postseason. Check out the madness that is the National League Wild Card for Major League Baseball betting, and I can almost guarantee that whatever your wagers, there will be some great baseball action to back it up. Check out our best online sportsbooks here at CasinoReview.org, and have a great night watching baseball!

Aaron G.