College Football Saturday kicks off, MLB winds up for the …

It’s a big day for College Football this Saturday, as many top ranked teams take to the field to start separating the field between those teams that really have what it takes to stay in the BCS hunt, and those who are just posing as champion caliber teams. Especially important for myself being a northwest Washington native, the game of the week already happened, with USC falling in Corvallis to the Oregon State Beavers. The Pac-10 this year seems determined to do all they can to implode on the national scene, including knocking off their only shot at a national title, which would have come from USC! However, it’s another new day for sports betting on NCAA Football, and heading down to (read the review of BetUS), one of our best online sportsbooks at, my first wager of the day is locked in, and the tip of the iceberg has started popping out of the water. I’ve got a few more online sportsbook bets to wager today, as there is a great amount of opportunity to make some money, especially on all the College Football action.

Of worthy mention today, it must be stated for reminder that today is the second to the last day of the Major League Baseball season, and the big talk in the sports world is about the National League Wild Card, which as of today is still very much up for grabs, as well as the showdown in the AL Central between the Chicago White Sox and the Minnesota Twins. How the White Sox are still in the playoff hunt after a dismal September is beyond me, and my money is going on the Twins to overtake them after the Sox have been at the helm of the AL East for months. Also, in the NL, if the Mets wins today, it would be a remarkable push to the playoffs in the last year of play at Shea Stadium, as well as a massive collapse of the Milwaukee Brewers, who have spent the whole year in the playoff picture, and now face elimination with home series against the Chicago Cubs. It’s going to be a very interesting couple of days, and both NY and Milwaukee have pulled out their big guns for today’s games, calling Ben Sheets for the Brewers, and Johan Santana on 3 days’ rest for the Mets.

Back to NCAA Football, a few more online sportsbook bets seemed in order for today, especially for the biggest match-up between the #8 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide, who head to Georgia to take on the #3 ranked Bulldogs. I’ve got to take the ‘Tide in this one as I just haven’t seen the offensive firepower out of Georgia yet this year, that would fully sell me on their stature as a top 5 team in the nation. There are plenty of other great opportunities to be had today when you log on to our best online sportsbooks, and check out all the lines offered for the sports match-ups today. Enjoy this great weekend of sports, and thanks as always for joining us at, home to the best online sportsbooks and casino reviews on the internet!

Aaron G.