Major League Baseball wraps up regular season, more great …

When I woke up this morning, anxious to see how the end of the MLB season would turn out as well as the day’s NFL football games, I realized how much of an amazing ride this year in sports has been thus far. Today is the culmination of the 162 game MLB season, and I can proudly say that after the full year of betting on baseball, I come out just slightly above even in win-loss record, with a healthy little increase in a few online sports betting accounts I own across the internet. For today though, more great online sports betting action is to be had betting on NFL football, but the National League Wild Card and the AL Central race are certainly what is big on today’s docket, as all other divisions, as well as the AL Wild Card are firmly locked in place.

For Sunday’s sports betting at one of our top sportsbooks, I chose (read the review of Players Only) for betting on sports, squeezing in a few baseball games and a few football games to immerse myself in as much sports action as possible. With the NL Wild Card race on the line, I just couldn’t resist betting on all the teams involved, and ended up wagering on the New York Mets to win their last game at Shea Stadium today against Florida, and the Brewers to lose their game against the Cubs (which would mean sad news for Brewers fans), which would put New York into the postseason. It’s going to be a wild afternoon waiting to see what happens, and I hope that you all are ready to place your bets online, as the games are getting underway very shortly!

For the Football side of things, my online sports betting takes just a few wagers out on a couple favorable matchups. Choosing to wager one big parlay bet to focus more on MLB Baseball today, my sports betting on the NFL finds me rooting for Tampa Bay over Green Bay, the Bengals over the Browns in an Ohio slugfest, and Houston to upset Jacksonville. There are still games left to be wagered on this afternoon, so check out one of our best online sports betting site reviewed here, and get in on all the action for the last day of the MLB Season!

Aaron G.