Monday Night Football, close of the MLB season

If there is a better way to finish off a Monday night, or for that matter to end another month on online sports betting, this Monday’s sports action was certainly an excellent way to go about it. With both Monday Night Football between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers, as well as the potential to force a tie-breaking game in Major League Baseball between the Chicago White Sox and the Minnesota Twins, these two games alone would provide more than enough action for online sports betting on Monday. While the MNF Football game certainly lived up to any and all expectations (as they were undeniably low to begin with), the White Sox rout of the Tigers 8-2 at home signaled one of the most enjoyable parts of the MLB season, in other words the 162 game run to a single, winner-take-all game to decide the AL Central Division.

Fortunately for myself, my online sportsbook bet for this game fell on the team with the right amount of luck to get to the post season, with the White Sox finally prevailing after a long month of rocky baseball. I for one am excited to catch the playoff game coming up this week between the White Sox and Twins, with both teams hungry for a chance to move on in the playoffs, and who both deserve to be where they are after pretty solid second half play. That being said, if you haven’t ventured down to one of our top sportsbooks here at and place some bets for this week, now is the time to start.

It’s going to be a great week for Major League Baseball this week, as October roars forward with all kinds of great playoff match-ups, and great opportunities for betting on sports. Check out the lines in our featured online sports betting sites, and get set for a great post season with some fresh teams looking to make team history. The Chicago Cubs are once again looking to finally break their streak of most years as an organization without a World Series, and you can bet this will only add to all the great drama that always accompanies the MLB Playoffs. Until tomorrow, thanks as usual for checking out the best online sportsbooks and online sportsbook reviews here on our site, and good luck on all your sports betting for the MLB postseason!

Aaron G.