Wednesday sportsbook betting focuses on Major League …

Wednesday sportsbook betting holds a bit more of the same for the seasoned sportsbook fan, however as the Major League Baseball season marches another game towards the post season, the action on the field, and in the best online sportsbooks can’t be beat. With a new month, packed full of exciting action between teams jockeying for the post season, check out some of the top sportsbooks reviewed right here, and see what all the fuss is about. For today’s baseball action, it’s a venture over to our friends at, and the Players Only Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Players Only</a>). With 15 MLB games on tap, it’s a full plate as usual, with plenty of combinations for success and payoff. If you haven’t wagered at the Players Only Sportsbook, you’ll find all the options, ease of use, and exciting action that characterizes a top sportsbook, so try your luck at a new option in your stable soon!

Moving right along to Major League baseball for today, the White Sox and Twins have an interesting match-up in the Twin Cities area, and since I actually get Chicago TV, might catch a few innings live as well. Every win will count between these two division rivals down the home stretch, and tonight I like Brian Duensing at home in the dome, even if he is against veteran pitcher Mark Buehrle. In the Yankees vs Orioles, it’s all but a sure win with C.C. Sabathia, so throwing Yankee wager into a parlay is never too bad of a decision come September. Looking for his 16th victory today, Sabathia may well be the ace in the pitching staff the Yankees need to go the distance this year, and find out one reason why today with a bet on the pinstripes. One thing is for certain, there is never a shortage of quality baseball action in September!

No matter where you live, or what your favorite team happens to be, there are great opportunities for betting on sports in the second half of this week. Between Major League Baseball, NFL football, and NCAA Football, you just can’t go wrong heading to one of our top sportsbooks reviewed here and placing a couple of wagers. Start keep track of teams now, and utilize the great information found at any of our best online sports betting sites to pick your winners today. Good luck with your sports betting, and make sure to catch the baseball action online and live today!

Aaron G.