College Football Saturday is here, get in on the action …

As sports fans, a new season of games means a fresh start to a new type of online sports betting, and is a great opportunity to get into the action on our best online sportsbooks reviewed here at I’m pleased to announce that today marks the first of Many amazing Saturdays of the NCAA College Football season, with plenty of games for all you NCAA Football fans to get behind! For today, count on a number of very big mismatches, as well as a smattering of Top 25 action worth watching, but above all, count yourself in for some exciting betting on sports at one of our top sportsbooks reviewed right here so pulling together a number of teams for some parlay wagers seems like a good way to go for this Saturday. I like Florida with even a billion points spread today against CSUļæ½but all kidding aside, the first real test will be whether Virginia Tech or Alabama will come our victorious in one #7 vs. #5 match-up that could be one of the better games in college football Saturday. With a couple of gutsy calls today in my online sports betting at the Oddsmaker Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), I’m hoping for a Hokies win in this one, as well as a smattering of wagers on Top 25 teams around the nation.

Though not as many sports betting fans will be paying attention to Major League Baseball today seeing as though College Football is getting underway, there are a number of great games with playoff incentive that are worth taking a look at. Again the Chicago White Sox face the Boston Red Sox, as the pair of Sox are both seeking a possible spot in the post season dance. Tim Wakefield has had a fantastic year thus far (10-4), and Gavin Floyd should make this one interesting to watch and wager on. The Yankees should be back to winning ways with Andy Pettitte on the hill today, and I’m counting on Matt Cain to rally the Giants against the Brewers, the latter who seem on the fade-out part of their season. With so many Baseball wagers, as well as a new bounty of NCAA Football games, one can only smile, place even more wagers today, and thank the sports gods for even more reason to do nothing but watch sports on the weekends!!!

Poke your head into one of our featured online sportsbooks this afternoon, and find the right bets to suit your sports betting style on a day filled with opportunities. I’ve been waiting a long time to see the online sports books branch out from Major League Baseball, and today is certainly an exciting time to be a sports fan. Good luck in your online betting, and hopefully you will get to cash in on some early NCAA Football betting. Cheers to a another well-deserved weekend, and I hope you enjoy playing at the best sportsbooks the internet has to offer!

Aaron G.