NFL Football ahead, Pro Baseball today�place your …

After what seems like months of waiting, the start of the NFL season is finally here, with the first game coming Thursday, and like so many other sports fans I have already ran to one of my favorite online sportsbooks and placed my first wager of the season on the Tennessee Titans vs. Pittsburgh Steelers match-up tomorrow. Taking place live from the hallowed Heinz Field, this game will definitely be a gritty battle, fought on the lines like trench warfare.  Although it’s difficult to know how well each team will play at the start of the season, and also because these two teams have solid defenses that should certainly should keep points to a minimum, I’m going to bank on first game jitters to keep the points total low, in my first wager of the day at Intertops Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Intertops</a>). I’m fairly confident that Pittsburgh will return in next to top form this year, as they always seem to get out of the gates well, but I’m very curious to see what kind of a team Tennessee turns out to be, now that the league has had a year to digest their weaknesses in spite of a great regular season last year.

Moving right along to Major League baseball for Wednesday, the Rangers look to help get pitcher Scott Feldman a tie for first in the AL with his 16th win (to match Yankee ace C.C. Sabathia, an incredible accomplishment this year), as the Rangers continue to fight towards a spot in the post season. Carlos Zambrano and the Cubs look to wrap up what would be a sweep of the Pirates in Pittsburgh, and Adam Wainright goes for #18 of the year against the Brewers, at home in Milwaukee. A good pitching duel between Roy Halladay and Carl Pavano gets underway today as well, as the Twins take on the Blue Jays in a game really only important to the Twins. Count on these games, as well as the usual fistful of contests around the MLB league to add to you online sportsbook betting today!

No matter where you live, or what your favorite team happens to be, there are great opportunities for betting on sports in the second half of this week. Between Major League Baseball, NFL football, and NCAA Football, you just can’t go wrong heading to one of our top sportsbooks and placing a couple of wagers. Start keep track of teams now, and utilize the great information found at any of our best online sports betting sites to pick your winners today. Good luck with your sports betting, and make sure to catch the start of the NFL football season tomorrow night, which should be a dandy.

Aaron G.