NFL Opening night, MLB action, College Football …

With the opening day of the NFL now getting it’s official start later this evening, it’s worth stating again just how much fun watching and betting on NFL football is as a sports fanatic. Even though the Major League Season quickly approaches the playoffs, there is just nothing quite like getting back into the National Football League, as 16 games decide each team’s season, and every single one of those games is a must win situation for each team in the league. With the excitement and anticipation finally getting to me as we count down towards kick off of the Tennessee Titans v. Pittsburgh Steelers game, I wait like any other faithful sports fan; online sports book bets placed, and slowly dragging out the day before game time tonight. What kind of game to expect, we can only wait and find out. I’m going 17-13 Pittsburgh, for the win at Bodog Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Bodog</a>)

Turning back to Major League Baseball on Thursday night, it’s a little bit quiet on the evening with the NFL taking center stage on nationally televised coverage, however, there are a couple of contests worth checking into, as playoff implications run high tonight in the AL Central. Detroit is facing a possible sweep by the Royals tonight, meanwhile Minnesota takes on the Blue Jays, who are all but out of the playoff picture entirely. Twins could, yet again, just sit and wait for the Tigers to self-destruct. I further hate to admit it, but my Seattle Mariners are doing the same, and find themselves in a tough spot on the road against Jon Lackey and the Los Angeles Angels, who look to be in control of their own destiny in the AL West. This Angels team looks to be a solid bet heading towards the homestretch, as the Rangers mind you, haven’t been in playoff position in years. So, even with only 7 games in stock for baseball wagering at Bodog today and only 3 of those games being in the American League, I count on some exciting game time action to hopefully back up my couple of bets laid down today, and make for a happier tomorrow!

Out west in the National League, things are really getting interesting now that the playoffs are less than a month away, even if there aren’t too many interesting bets to be had today. Rockies hit the ball, very hard in Colorado. Rockies ftw. Marlins are a better road team than the Mets are a home team�and should be a safe wager, albeit with the Marlins being favored.  And in one final hurrah of the evening, the lone NCAA Football game is a solid ACC battle between Clemson and #15Georgia Tech.  Scoring please, and plenty of it. I like my chances over at Bodog, one of our top sportsbooks reviewed here at our site. Check out this website and the plethora of others offered here at, and get in on the action before the kickoff of the 2009 NFL Football Season!

Aaron G.