College Football, Major League Baseball makes for great …

Welcome everyone to another great weekend of sports and online sportsbook betting at our top sportsbooks here at! We sports fans are once again blessed with another week of NCAA College football in a much too short season (or so say!), and you would have to be crazy, or not a sports fan at all to not be down at one of our best online sports betting sites, and wagering on a few of the games slated for today! We dig right into the action found right here at Superbook’s Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Superbook</a>), and get down with some wagers in Top 25 action for starters. If there is one thing fun about the mass of heavily lopsided match-ups (cases in point Florida v. Troy or Texas v. Wyoming), it’s trying to guess just how bad the run-up will be. In serious action though, sportsbook fans will find themselves faced with the game of the day, and possibly even the entire NCAA Season, between #3 USC and #8-ranked THE Ohio State. Oh my. Los Angeles is alive with both OSU and USC Jerseys everywhere, and I like them can’t wait for the game to start!!!

Superbook sportsbook holds all the best up to the last minute this morning so if you haven’t yet taken a wager out today, or even ever, try out one of the tried and tested, as has held this one in high regards for years. I’m hoping to string together a nice little payday on some favored teams, and taking the points in each of three potential blowout games including the two mentioned previously, and #9 BYU against Tulane. Oklahoma and Virginia Tech also have blowout games today, and should put up more ridiculous numbers to bust a total points margin. One game any fan of football nostalgia should be interested in as well is the Notre Dame vs. Michigan, in a game of tradition to not miss out on today.

With even more Major League Baseball action in store today as well, and NFL sportsbook betting still hot on the table at the top sportsbooks, it’s a great day to be a sports fan, and specifically a college football one at that! There is still time to wager on some of the later-afternoon games today, and there are plenty of good wagering opportunities to be had in order to add a little extra cash in your sportsbook accounts. Check out all the great offerings at our best online sportsbooks this weekend, and enjoy a nice change of pace from all baseball all the time (even if baseball is really starting to get good now). We’ll catch you again tomorrow, and as always good luck in your wagering and thank you for playing at our top sportsbooks reviewed at!

Aaron G.