Monday Night Football doubleheader, MLB Baseball featured …

All we can say after the first full day of NFL Football is…Wow. An amazing day full of surprises, interesting trends, and player breakthroughs to rank among the best starting days in the past decade, the NFL once again shows us sports betting fans just how much excitement (as well as anxiety) can be packed in to one afternoon of sports! However, with the first Monday of the new NFL season, today sports fans are once again treated to more football action with not one but two Monday Night Football games to add to the excitement of online sportsbook betting! While it’s great to get a free Sunday afternoon to wager on football and relax carelessly, having two games to come home to after a long a stressful day of work is by far the biggest reward one could ask for. An East coast showdown between the much-hyped New York Jets and their rivals the Baltimore Ravens starts the bidding, and in the later game the San Diego Chargers head to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs at the new Arrowhead Stadium. With a quick trip to a top sportsbook like the one at sportsbook (read the review of it’s as easy as one two three and my mark is placed for what should be some great action on each side of the US!

Breaking down the two games in store a little bit, definitely the toughest call for tonight’s wagers have to be on the Jets vs. Ravens game, pitting the two top defensive units in the league against one another (no coincidence either, as Rex Ryan, head coach for the Jets, roamed the sidelines as D-coordinator for the Ravens for years). With a points total set at a very favorable 36 for the game, and with the way all teams have focused on defense first for the opening games of the season, an under wager on total points at seems like the right way to go. New York gets the slight favorite at home for tonight’s game, however we can’t help but take the Raven’s in tonight’s match-up, as they hold the more veteran defense, a better QB, and a more proficient passing game. Fantasy folks with running backs on either side beware; this is going to be likely the ugliest fantasy performance for either team across all players (aside for perhaps the New York or Baltimore D/ST) this year.

With the second game of the evening comes a much better looking Kansas City Chiefs team taking on the San Diego Chargers, the perennial favorites to win the AFC West. While San Diego is missing Vincent Jackson and Marcus McNiell to holdout, and Shawn Merriman to injury, Kansas City just may have an advantage for once in a decade, as their young team contains a much better looking defense, and some solid offensive weapons in the form of Jamaal Charles, Dexter McCluster, and Dwayne Bowe behind Matt Cassel. However, for tonight’s game, with rain forecasted, expect tough goings in the passing game, and as has been typical, a points total under the pegged 45.5 listed at as both teams should come out cautious, and looking to prevent the big play early.

Hopefully you’ve been able to get your bets placed before tonight’s games, and you’re sitting around pondering a bet for the second game of Monday Night Football. We at are beyond ecstatic that this time of year has finally come, as this last weekend has been one of the best for sports and sportsbook betting in quite some time! Enjoy the football and a number of Major League Baseball games still available for betting on sports, have a great rest of the week, and as always thank you for coming to our site for the best sportsbook reviews to the best online sportsbooks and casinos on the net!

Aaron G.