NFL Football Week 2 provides great online sports betting …

After a great Saturday of online sportsbook betting for NCAA College Football, Sunday and the NFL Football Week 2 roll around to open up a whole new host of online sportsbook betting opportunities, and will promise to keep all us sports nuts firmly glued to the TV while the excitement carries on all day today. For this Sunday’s online sportsbook betting, I’m taking a journey back to one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed here at, (read the review of BetUS). This website has been a long time favorite of mine, and I can’t wait to get back to the site and start placing bets on NFL football right now. It’s going to be a fairly tough weekend of betting on football for Week 2, but a number of great options standout, and some great analysis can be found on the statistics pages, and links to sports articles found at

For the first exciting game for betting on sports on the NFL, check out the New York Jets against the New England Patriots to be an exciting addition to your stable of sportsbook wagers. The Jets look to rebound after a tough Week 1 loss to Baltimore, and end the discussions about their offensive production and the viability of their QB Mark Sanchez. With New England’s offensive production, the Jets will have to match with both a solid defensive effort, and a better than 9 point performance to pull through. We’re calling for a Pats victory today, to send the Hard Knocks Jets to 0-2, and in the basement of the AFC East. Moving onward in the AFC East, look for a tough, gritty game between Cincinnati and Baltimore, but be prepared for a Bengal bounce back at home after a tough week one dismantling at the hands of the Patriots. We’ll take the Bengals to win, but the under wager on total points at is also a tantalizing option, as neither team seems to be clicking on offense yet, and both should be putting their best defensive foot forward.

Further NFL games worthy of wagers on Sunday include the San Diego Chargers at home vs. Jacksonville, as the Chargers should be eager to bounce back after an embarrassing loss to Kansas City last weekend. Though a Seahawks fan by heart, heading to Denver has never been good for Seattle, and as such, I’m tempering further expectations of Pete Carroll’s crew, and calling for a Denver win at home. Atlanta has been very strong against NFC West teams in the past few years, and with the Arizona Cardinals coming to town without big offensive production in tow, count on Michael Turner and Roddy White to be two stars on offense as Matt Ryan has a field day in their home opener. Look for the fun match-up between the Mannings as the Colts face the Giants to be worth a wager, the Chicago Bears with a good shot at an upset at Dallas as the Cowboys’ offensive line woes likely continue to help production, and the Kansas City Chiefs to go 2-0 for the first time since 2003 with a win against the anemic offense of the Cleveland Browns.

It’s another great Sunday afternoon of online sportsbook betting here at the best websites reviewed here at, and it is more than worth your while to get in on the action and try to make a few extra bucks today! With NFL football, and the usual smattering of Major League Baseball games with playoff implications, I’ll be firmly parked for the rest of the afternoon, and just underway now is the start of football for the day, which I’ve been waiting for all week! With great teams on the field today, don’t miss out on the great sports betting action at our top sportsbooks, and catch all the NFL games today as they are sure to be quite an improvement over the opening day kickoffs!

Aaron G.