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The unfortunate side of Mondays; a brand new week of pointless work comes around once again. The upside of Mondays; a new week of online sports betting at one of the best sportsbooks reviewed here, with plenty of action in Major League Baseball and Monday Night Football! With ten games on tap for Major League Baseball, which heads towards the final 15 games of the regular season for each team, as well as the Monday Night Match-up between the New Orleans Saints and the San Francisco 49ers in the Bay Area, we’re heading today to the sportsbook (read the review of and placing a number of wagers in anticipation for the best games for wagering on ahead. There is nothing like a great night to kick back and enjoy a good football game, and Monday night for any sports fan is better with a little football to occupy the time.

To start off the wagering fun today at one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here, we take a look at today’s Monday Night match-up between the NFL Champion New Orleans Saints, and the host 49ers team coming off an embarrassing Week 1 loss to Seattle. One thing is for certain in this game, and that is San Francisco, and specifically Quarterback Alex Smith are going to have to light up the scoreboard in the face of Drew Brees and the potent Saints attack. Frank Gore will be the highlighted player to look out for, as in order for the 49ers to be able to throw in this game, Gore needs to have lots of touches, and help from his O-line, which was awful in Week 1 for him. Further, Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree and Josh Morgan will need to contributing factors in this match-up, as we all know Drew Brees won’t have troubles utilizing his wide range of assets available for moving the ball down field (namely Pierre Thomas, Marques Colston and Reggie Bush). The final line for us on the game has the New Orleans Saints to win 30-14, with turnovers being the name of the game. As a rule of thumb, the NFC West against any other divisional team is a bad bet worth avoiding this season.

For Major League Baseball, keep tabs on the 10 games tonight for online sportsbook bets, including the huge Yankees vs. Rays series continuing on today. External factors are at play at Yankee Stadium tonight, as the Yankees honor George Steinbrenner with a new monument, but also a bigger factor may be tell-tale for the Yankees tonight; they have won their last 9 games against Tampa Bay when Matt Garza takes the mound, and Matt Garza has been slowly slipping giving up 6 runs in his last two starts (against the Yankees and Red Sox respectively). As such, we like the over wager on total points, and would have to take New York with the win tonight. In another huge game affecting the playoff hunt, check out the Philadelphia Phillies hosting the Atlanta Braves and looking to pad their 3 game lead in the NL East with another win. Cole Hamels has been heating up down the home stretch this season, and taking on a recent call-up in Brandon Beachy, we like the Phillies to win tonight at home. In other solid match-ups to take a stab at online sports betting on, check out the A’s and Gio Gonzalez to win hosting the 6 game losing Chicago White Sox (who can kiss their playoff chances goodbye this year, and as such won’t be putting in much effort in the next two weeks), The Minnesota Twins to win once more with Brian Duensing at home against the Cleveland Indians, and a good match-up between the Florida Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals as Chris Volstad faces Chris Carpenter.

It’s always a great night for online sportsbook betting on any given day at the best online sports betting sites, however with Monday Night Football as well as some great Major League games for betting on sports at the Superbook sportsbook, you can rest assured that even a lousy day at work can turn into a great night of online sports betting, and some exciting late-season baseball and NFL Football fun! Whatever your wager for tonight’s game, enjoy the excitement, and thanks for checking out our best online sportsbooks and casinos reviewed at our website!

Aaron G.