Ways to Enjoy the Big Fight Without Blowing Your Budget


Pay-per-view costs will set records for this fight but I have some ways you can watch it affordably.

It was revealed yesterday that the May 2nd fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, Jr will cost $99.99 for the HD version of pay-per-view. This will easily make this fight the richest in boxing history and it also points out exactly what’s wrong with boxing.

I’m not naive; I know there was no way in the wide, wide world of sports that this fight was going to be on a regular channel for all to enjoy. But at a time when boxing is actually returning to major networks wouldn’t this have been nice? Can you imagine the cost of commercials for this fight?

If they were able to do this on NBC let’s say television ads would easily approach Super Bowl-esque numbers.

Unfortunately, this isn’t going to be the case so here’s what I recommend. Get your buddies together, decide who has the biggest and best TV and the best viewing room and toss in your money. If you and nine others get together, we figure that’s ten bucks apiece to order the fight.

Don’t stop there; make this more than just a group of friends getting together to pile around the television. I figure that if you were to go out with friends on this Saturday night you’d probably drop $50-$100 bucks on an average night (amount varies depending on where you live). Make May 2nd your night “out” by staying “in.”


This is just one example of how you can set the mood for a nice party around the big fight.

Instead of just bringing $10 to chip in for the fight, why not bring $20 or $30? Here’s a couple of ways you can make the Mayweather-Pacquiao more than just a fight at a friend’s house.

1. You can just bring your $10 and grab a seat but what fun is that? Wherever it is you’re watching the game make sure the site has plenty of places to keep your drinks cold or just bring your own cooler. If this is strictly a “bring your own beverage” (BYOB) event then do what I do and toss your beverage of choice into your cooler. Put all of the coolers in a general place like on a deck, porch or in the garage. This way, when one or two guys get up for refills they can grab for everyone.

2. If you have a good, laid back group of guys who aren’t going to haggle or complain about what you’re drinking (assuming this is a beer crowd) then have everyone throw in an extra $10 bucks. Select a beer and get yourself a keg. Again, put it in a central location and make sure you have a great way to keep it nice and cold so grab a large tub, put the keg in and load it with ice. This method also eliminates dozens of bottles and cans laying around after the fight.

3. If you really want to make this an event and you have the room to do it, then turn this fight into a party. This is especially great with wi-fi cable and satellite boxes which allow you to move your TV anywhere especially outside if the climate is right for it. Not everyone is a fight fan but they still will want to be a part of the action so charge a smaller amount if it’s going to be a BYOB event or the same if you’re going to be providing food. If you have the luxury of being able to foot the bill for everything then that’s great but you don’t have to do so.

Obviously, if you’re going to be hosting an event where the alcohol will be flowing then make sure you do so responsibly. You want the fight to be fun and enjoyable so don’t ruin it by drinking and driving.