Your “Never Too Early” Odds for the 2016 NCAA …


Roy Williams and his Tar Heels are the leading contenders to cut down the nets in 2016.

The National Championship Trophy hasn’t even collected a speck of dust yet in the Duke University trophy case but already our friends at Bovada have graciously provided the odds for next year.

Before I dissect a few of the teams listed below, w have to take into account a few things. First of all, Duke was listed at 16/1 prior to Justise Winslow and Tyus Jones declaring for the NBA Draft. That will most definitely change the odds on them in the coming weeks.

On that topic in general, you have to remember that some players have yet to declare for the draft and will. There will also be a few who flirt with the draft process but ultimately they’ll decide to return to school.

One final thought is coaching changes.The NBA regular season ended last night and what is likely to happen is that some of the coaches in Division I basketball will be enticed into taking jobs at the pro level. There is also still time for coaches to make lateral moves and join other college programs as well although most of that is now over.

Alright, let’s talk about some of the top favorites.

Odds to win the 2015-16 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship

North Carolina                   6/1

Kentucky                             8/1

Maryland                             12/1

Virginia                                 12/1

Duke                                     16/1

You’ll notice in these top five favorites three of the five are teams out of the ACC. Factor in that Maryland is hardly removed from being in that conference and you’ve got yourself quite a monopoly. The Tar Heels are the leading contender simply because they didn’t get hurt as badly as the other teams in terms of early departures to the NBA. Kentucky lost seven and Duke has lost their big three freshmen from this season’s title team. Both teams will reload with top talent but whether you believe that talent can get them back to the Final Four or not is another story.

Kansas                                  16/1

Iowa State                          18/1

Michigan State                  20/1

The Jayhawks have won 11 straight Big 12 regular season titles which is pretty darn impressive any way you slice it. Iowa State (and Oklahoma) will challenge that streak. Tom Izzo’s Spartans will lose a few bodies but they will also bring in some solid talent as well. Always bank on MSU when March rolls around.

Arizona                                 25/1

Gonzaga                              25/1

Indiana                                 25/1

Oklahoma                           25/1


At some point, Jay Wright has to get his Wildcats back to a Final Four doesn't he?

Villanova                              25/1

The group here at 25/1 doesn’t put a whole lot of confidence in me. Arizona can’t seem to get over the hump and into the Final Four while teams like Oklahoma and Villanova have proven they can’t live up to lofty expectations. Tom Crean will be under the microscope big time in Bloomington. If his Hooisers don’t start well he could be in some trouble.

Arkansas                              33/1

Louisville                              33/1

NC State                              33/1

Notre Dame                       33/1

Wisconsin                            33/1

I love these teams at 33/1. They all made nice strides in recent years in the tournament and Louisville of course has a title under it’s belt from two seasons ago. Arkansas and NC State return good talent and the Irish and Badgers will have shoes to fill but should be able to do so with good recruiting classes.

Baylor                                   40/1

Butler                                    40/1

Miami FL                              40/1

Dayton                                 50/1

Florida                                  50/1

Florida State                       50/1

LSU                                        50/1

Michigan                              50/1

Ohio State                           50/1

SMU                                      50/1

Texas                                    50/1

Texas A&M                         50/1

UCLA                                     50/1

Wichita State                     50/1

Utah                                      50/1

Oregon                                 66/1

Purdue                                 66/1

Syracuse                              66/1

VCU                                       66/1

West Virginia                     66/1

Xavier                                   66/1

Northern Iowa                  66/1

Cincinnati                            75/1

Georgetown                      75/1

Georgia                                75/1

UConn                                  75/1

California                             100/1

Illinois                                   100/1

Iowa                                      100/1

Marquette                          100/1

Minnesota                          100/1

Missouri                               100/1

Ole Miss                               100/1

Pittsburgh                           100/1

Providence                         100/1

San Diego State                100/1

St. John’s                             100/1

Vanderbilt                           100/1

Colorado                              150/1

Colorado State                  150/1

Kansas State                      150/1

Stanford                              150/1

Tennessee                          150/1

Alabama                              200/1

Arizona State                     200/1

BYU                                        200/1

Clemson                              200/1

Creighton                            200/1

George Washington       200/1

Georgia Tech                     200/1

Harvard                                200/1

Memphis                             200/1

Nebraska                             200/1

New Mexico                      200/1

Oklahoma State                200/1

Seton Hall                            200/1

St. Louis                               200/1

UNLV                                    200/1

Washington                        200/1

Temple                                 200/1

Boston College                  300/1

DePaul                                  300/1

LaSalle                                  300/1

Penn State                          300/1

Richmond                            300/1

South Carolina                   300/1

St. Joe’s                                300/1

Texas Tech                          300/1

UMass                                  300/1

USC                                       300/1

Virginia Tech                     300/1

Wake Forest                      300/1

Auburn                                300/1

Murray State                     300/1